Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I know this is only my first post but there will be more to come,
I promise. I'll probably put new posts up at least once a week,
because I can already tell this is going to become my new obsession.
So just keep coming back and it'll get more and more interesting (hopefully).

Ok.. a little about myself.
My real name is Mohammad Malaco Dipantar.
Most of my friends call me Mad or Madox and sometimes Ximun
but i am commonly known as "Mocha".
I love music, good listener and fun loving person.
(If you already know me you're probably really bored
reading this since you already know about it.) Let's see....
click here to know more about me.

What else can I say..
I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering at Notre Dame University.

Thats it. Til next time..