Sunday, 2 November 2008

fun fun fun...

It's good to hang out wid friends again. 8s been a long time tym since we hang out together.. Yeah baby!

It started playing cards (in between) and Bayaw amie asked us if we want to go out later.. and everybody said yes and so a plan was made to meet up later. too bad sis Jehan weren't able to join us.. so the ppl present were Bro Ahl,Sis Rhay, Bayaw Amie,Fayez, Pahmie, Fairuz, rocky (orak) haha, Kuya, ate, and me. We Went at k1 in Torres for kantahan then after that went to mamitas to wash out until 2:00 in the morning. sobrang enjoy kmi lalo na we don't get to go together because of our sked. one thing, we were wearing slippers that night. =)

A night of lokohan, tawanan, kwentuhan and kantahan . Basta sobrang enjoy =)